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A Healthy Care Strategy To Control and Reduce Healthcare Costs

Health insurance and medical cost sharing ONLY support you when your health is compromised.  What about a Healthy Care Strategy and Program that helps you Avoid health issues first and Contain costs if a health issue arises?  Do you desire to control your health with the flexibility to see ANY doctor, ANYWHERE you choose?  Do you desire a Healthy Care Strategy offered at a low, stable price that is the SAME regardless of age or location? Learn what a true Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant Healthy Care Strategy can do for you. 

Go to the Health Excellence Plus  page for Strategy details, pricing, lower pricing for under age 30, and the terms and conditions.

Listen To Our Show On Boca Chamber Radio

We 'll be hosting a 30 minute show on the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce's internet radio network ( starting in September 2017 and will be explaining  features of the Healthy Care Strategy and Program in more detail, interviewing health and wellness professionals, explaining more about how the self-pay patient concept works, and including other topics of interest to those interested in or becoming members of Health Excellence Plus. Transcripts will be posted on this and other websites, and we'll be providing more details as they become available.



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