Who We Are and What We Do

Control Your Healthcare Costs is a healthcare advisor working with MPB.Health to offer a choice of three different medical cost sharing programs to mitigate and control the cost of large medical expenses. These programs combine medical cost sharing with many other plans and services including:

In addition, the virtual healthcare program (called “Care”) can be purchased on a stand-alone basis without medical cost sharing.

This product information sheet contains information, program descriptions and pricing for the stand-alone Care program and the three different medical cost sharing programs. Here are brochures for the medical cost sharing programs:

We offer a choice of programs to individuals, sole proprietors, and 1099 contractors. We also offer group plans to employers: employers who are interested in obtaining quotes for such plans (which are usually considerably less expensive than traditional group insurance) should call Paul Cholak at 877-734-3884.

We’re committed to helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives through a holistic, balanced approach to their health. We believe health is encompassed in all aspects of life: physical emotional, social, and financial. Through inexpensive alternatives that don’t compromise quality, we provide the tools, services, and solutions to make this happen and empower our members to become informed consumers.

Our programs incorporate provisions to share costs for alternative treatments and recognize the value of medical tourism.

We’re members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, encourage the use of direct primary care (DPC) practices (one of our programs offers medical cost sharing to members of DPC practices), and are members of the Free-Market Medical Association.


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Call us at 877-734-3884 for answers to your questions, explanation of the programs, and for help in enrolling.