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Add-On Benefits

You can purchase add-on products like hospital indemnity (also called sickness insurance coverage), accident (also called accident medical coverage), critical illness; first diagnosis cancer; heart attack/stroke/cancer, and dental and vision policies as additions to basic health care programs or, in many cases, as stand-alone products.

Eligibility generally is based on answering health questions that vary between type of policy and carrier. (Dental and vision coverage rarely asks you to answer such questions.)

Why One Of These Policies Makes Sense

Both families with children and older adults should consider an accident policy; and critical illness policies will provide income in case of a critical illness.

Hospital indemnity plans are excellent supplements to Medical Cost Sharing programs, ACA plans, Health (Hospital-Surgical) Indemnity Plans, or short-term medical policies. Buying a hospital indemnity or accident medical expense plan, for example, may make it more economical to choose a higher IUA on a medical cost sharing program or higher deductible on an insured plan and couple that with hospital indemnity or basic accident coverage. The effect will be to lower your overall cost of coverage for many types of catastrophic situations.

Learn more about each of these types of plans below. Call us at 877-734-3884, as there are many alternatives, options, carriers, and types of plans available.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

These policies pay a lump-sum benefit (amount varies by carrier) upon hospital admission and contain provisions to buy additional coverage for each day of hospitalization up to the amount and number of days of coverage offered. Additional riders can be added (varies by carrier) to cover items such as durable medical equipment, physician and surgeon benefits, RN at-home benefits, and daily skilled nursing facility benefits.

Accident Medical Expense Plans

There are two types of policies offered: one type pays a lump sum, usually with a deductible, for covered accidents. The other type is called a fixed accident expense benefit plan: it pays stated amounts for each service/treatment received in accordance with a schedule contained in the policy.

These are excellent to consider for families with young children, or for older adults who are especially prone to having accidents.

Critical Illness Plans

These policies pay lump sum benefits for a list of critical illnesses, e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke, and other illness and conditions such as organ transplants, paralysis, major burns, etc. Covered critical illnesses vary by carrier. Most carriers insure for a face amount, and the face amount is paid when one of the critical illnesses occurs or is diagnosed.

Payments can be used for any purpose including living expenses and are designed to pay expenses not shareable by your medical cost sharing program or not covered by your health insurance policy.

First Diagnosis Cancer Policies

These policies pay lump sum benefits upon diagnosis of internal cancer. Payments can be used for any purpose including living expenses and are designed to pay expenses not shareable by your medical cost sharing program or not covered by your health insurance policy.

GAP Plans

GAP plans are available in 21 states (no policies are available in Florida) and are available only from one carrier (Philadelphia American). Policies stop upon eligibility for Medicare; if you are in a group plan, you can purchase a GAP policy up to age 70.

You must have a major medical plan (generally an ACA plan) from another carrier, and the premium for the GAP plan cannot exceed 25% of the premium for your major medical plan.

GAP policies pay for deductibles, co pays and coinsurance that apply to your major medical plan. They pay 100% of any in-patient expenses and 50% of any outpatient expenses less the chosen deductible. You must submit an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form to substantiate any claim.

Policies are subject to the same underwriting requirements that apply to Philadelphia American's Health (Hospital-Surgical) Indemnity plans. The plans have a 12-month pre-existing condition limitation that excludes the pre-existing condition for the first 12 months the policy is effective.

You can purchase a policy with between a $2,000 to $10,000 annual maximum in $1,000 increments. You can also choose one of four deductibles: $0, $250, $500, and $1,000. The maximum amount (less the applicable deductible) goes into a "pool of money" to pay claims.

Dental and Vision Plans

We offer insured dental and vision care plans as well as dental and vision care discount plans. In almost all cases no health questions are asked as part of the application.

Review the 3 types of programs
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Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Preventive Care, An Optional Health Savings Account, AND Medical Cost Sharing For Large Expenses
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Supplementing Direct Primary Care With Wellness Services AND Medical Cost Sharing Plan For Large Expenses, Screening Colonoscopies And Mammograms, And Childhood Immunizations/Vaccinations
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Redirect Health for Preventive Care And Most Small Expenses, AND Medical Cost Sharing For Large Medical Expenses

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