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Benefits Of Health Indemnity Plans

These plans are alternatives for those who are concerned about the cost of ACA plans, want to know how much their healthcare services will cost them before obtaining services, and desire an insured plan in lieu of Medical Cost Sharing.

What Are The Benefits Of Health Indemnity Plans?

In today's market where health insurance is often unavailable or not affordable, a Health (Hospital-Surgical) Defined Benefit Indemnity plan can help families budget and pay for health care expenditures. By providing a choice between three levels of hospital, medical and outpatient coverage, individuals and families can choose a plan according to their health care needs.

[Note: these are not major medical plans and are legally referred to as Limited Benefit plans. They do not comply with the Affordable Care Act (for example they do not include all of the minimum essential benefits) and were subject to tax penalties until those penalties were removed January 1, 2019.]

Contact us at 877-734-3884 to obtain details about any of the three Self-Funded plans you can purchase separately and add-on to these plans. Each of these plans provide all ACA-mandated preventive care benefits and contain other features (e.g. office visit co pays in two of the three plans) that can further reduce or eliminate your healthcare expenses.

Depending on the state, two basic plans are offered. Health Choice Select is offered in 30 states, including Florida, and major elements of the plan are outlined below. Health Saver Plus III is a different version that has been approved in 22 states. (Both plans are available in 20 states; Health Saver Plus III is not available in Florida.) Contact us at 877-734-3884 for product availability and details.

Eligibility for these plans is based on medical underwriting and not all those who apply will be eligible for coverage. The plans have a 12-month pre-existing condition limitation, and pre-existing conditions are not covered until the policy has been in effect for 12 consecutive months.

Major (and common) features of both plans include:

  • $5,000.000 Lifetime Maximum per policy
  • Three Annual Maximum Benefit Amounts to choose from ($100,00, $250,000 or $1.000,000)
  • Three Benefit Options (benefits can be purchased in either 1, 2 or 3 units) to fit your needs
  • Use any Doctor or Hospital you choose without penalty
  • For additional savings the PHCS network is available at no additional cost
  • TelaDoc™ provides a convenient alternative to Urgent Care or ER visits
  • The ScriptSave card is provided at no cost to help you save money on prescriptions
  • Toll free Concierge Service to assist you in finding the most affordable and convenient health care services
  • Optional product add-ons (critical illness, 24 hour accident, life and dental are available)

The value-added benefits listed below are not part of the insurance policy. TelaDoc™, The Karis Group™, access to ScriptSave and the PHCS network are all value-added healthcare programs from other providers designed to save you money and enhance your healthcare experience without additional cost to you.


TelaDoc™ is a convenient alternative to urgent care and ER visits. U.S. board-certified physicians are available anytime, anywhere and can resolve many non-emergency medical issues via phone or on-line video and can also prescribe certain medications. Services are not available in Arkansas, and some states allow only phone OR video consultations.

Save By Taking Advantage Of The PPO Network Discounts

While you're free to use any Doctor or Hospital you choose without penalty, you have the option of accessing the Multiplan/PHCS Limited Benefit Network (note that PHCS has many different networks and this plan uses the PHCS Limited Benefit network) to take advantage of great savings at no additional cost. You'll have access to Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Imaging Centers and Home Healthcare Centers at network discount prices. Contact us at 877-734-3884 for instructions for accessing Multiplan/PHCS providers.

You can locate providers who are in the Limited Benefits Network by clicking here. Enter as a guest and follow the instructions to find providers. Contact us at 877-734-3884 if you want help in finding accepting providers.

The Karis Group™: Advocating For Patients

Karis™360 gives you telephone access to a dedicated team of professional advisors to assist with healthcare-related questions and concerns.

Services include:

  • Healthcare Navigator (help in finding doctors and healthcare facilities, obtaining best-available pricing for procedures or help shop for better pricing on prescription drugs, imaging services or lab tests)
  • Karis™ Surgery Saver (the Karis™ team works to save money by shopping the local and regional market for healthcare facility options that combine affordability and quality services for a given non-emergency surgery)
  • Karis™ Bill Negotiator (available to negotiate discounts on medical bills over $2,500 after services are performed)
  • Concierge Phone Service (provides concierge-type patient advocacy service via a toll-free phone number. Upon receiving an inquiry via phone, the Karis™ team defines the issue, establishes mutual expectations, and fulfills the request)

Save on Brand-Name and Generic Prescriptions

The Script Save card is provided at NO cost to help you save money on your prescriptions. The card is accepted at over 62,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Note: this is a discount card and is not insurance.


Review the 5 types of plans
health excellence plus

Self-Directed Healthcare
Self-Directed Healthcare
Totally Self-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services AND Health Cost Sharing For Large Expenses And Mammograms, Colonoscopies and Childhood Immunizations
Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Preventive Care, An Optional Health Savings Account, AND Medical Cost Sharing For Large Expenses
Co-Pay Network Healthcare
Co-Pay Network Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Preventive Care, Co-Pays For Most Small Expenses, AND Healthcare Cost Sharing For Large Expenses
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Supplementing Direct Primary Care With Wellness Services AND Medical Cost Sharing Plan For Large Expenses And Mammograms, Colonoscopies, and Childhood Immunizations
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Redirect Health for Preventive Care And Most Small Expenses, Medical and Healthcare Cost Sharing For Large Medical Expenses
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