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Who Benefits Most From The Program?

The program uses a variety of funding and delivery mechanisms that differ from conventional insurance. The person who obtains the most value from this program (1) is not eligible for significant subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, (2) is healthy or health-focused, (3) has no significant pre-existing conditions, (4) has a different mindset from the person who purchases conventional health insurance, and (5) is a non-smoker.

However, no one is denied membership on the basis of health status, although medical conditions that existed prior to membership may be limited or excluded from sharing for a period of up to three years.

A prior medical condition that has not exhibited symptoms during the 36 continuous months prior to the membership effective date is considered cured and will have no sharing restrictions.

The prospective member takes personal responsibility in actively managing his or her health and exercises freedom of choice in selecting healthcare providers and maintaining health and wellness.

The member has the opportunity for SIGNIFICANT cost savings (usually between 30 and 90%) over conventional insurance.

Who's Eligible To Join?

You're eligible to enroll in Health Excellence Plus if you become a member of the MPowering Benefits Association in order to gain access to the WellFit Wellness Program and the tools for living a healthy life style. Once you become a member of the Association, you then become eligible to enroll in one of five cost sharing plans.

The program utilizes the Access Membership Guidelines

Note: Health Excellence Plus is also available to employers with at least 5 employees. Please call us at 877-734-3884 for details if you are an employer and interested in offering this type of group program for your employees. Employer Group programs utilize the Select Membership Guidelines instead of the Access Membership Guidelines and can be significantly less expensive than traditional group plans.

Cash-Pay Patients

The best way to take control of and reduce healthcare expenses is to become a cash-pay patient (this is someone who chooses to pay for his or her treatment directly and typically receives significant discounts for services they receive from providers).

By joining Health Excellence Plus he or she also elects to become a member of a group of like-minded, health-focused people who agree to share any costs they incur above an amount they can comfortably handle.

Sedera (the Medical Cost Sharing Administrator) attempts to negotiate further discounts on bills $500 or more. They recommend you never pay more than your Initial Unshareable Amount (abbreviated as "IUA") up-front to your provider so that this will not affect Sedera's ability to negotiate additional discounts for you. Sedera pays you directly and you pay the provider. You can choose between five different IUA's: $500; $1,000; $1,500; $2,500; and $5,000.

Cash-pay patients often save 1/3 to 1/2 or more on their bills, and also pay less in monthly contributions. You’d probably call these “premiums” if this were traditional insurance.

How Much Does It Cost (How Much Are Monthly Share Contributions)?

There's an initial enrollment (administration and set-up) fee of $125 and an annual enrollment fee of $25 starting with the second year of membership.

In addition, you pay monthly share contributions. (You’d probably call these a “premium” if this were insurance.) These contributions vary depending on which plan option you choose and are age-banded (18-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59 and 60-64) based on the age of the oldest adult member and the size of your membership unit: member only, member and spouse, member and child(ren), and entire family.

Unmarried children through age 25 are eligible for membership in their parents’ program. (Married children must apply for membership on their own.)

Smokers pay an extra $75 per month per membership unit.

While all the plan options utilize medical cost sharing to pay for large Needs (see below under CONTAIN), different people have different requirements and may want to consider using different delivery models for their smaller Needs. That's why we've introduced five different plan options into our plan choices.

We anticipate that most individuals will choose the Partially Self-Directed Healthcare plan (this is the basic option we've traditionally offered), but we've introduced four other options that we expect will gain traction as the concepts and delivery methods used in these models grow and become more widely known. These models are explained in the Plan Options section of this website.

See this comparison chart to see the major differences between the different plan options.

Monthly contributions vary based on which of the five options you choose. You can determine the amount of your monthly share contribution by accessing the Price Calculator for each option. Click Learn More under the picture of the option you're interested in. This will take you to a more complete description of that plan option, which includes a description of Features and Specifications, as well as the Price Calculator for all options. Access the Calculator and you can determine your monthly share contribution for that option.

Click on healthcare cost sharing calculator, choose Partially Self-Directed as the plan option, and make all the other choices in the calculator to determine how much your monthly share contributions would be if you select the Partially Self-Directed option (this is our most popular option).

Please call us at 877-734-3884 for help in choosing one of the five options and for enrolling in the option you choose.

Our Strategy For Controlling and Reducing The Cost of Healthcare

Please click on the appropriate link below to learn more about each of the five elements of what we refer to as “the healthy care strategy.”

Review the 5 types of plans
health excellence plus

Self-Directed Healthcare
Self-Directed Healthcare
Totally Self-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services AND Health Cost Sharing For Large Expenses And Mammograms, Colonoscopies and Childhood Immunizations
Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Healthcare
Partially Self-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Preventive Care, An Optional Health Savings Account, AND Medical Cost Sharing For Large Expenses
Co-Pay Network Healthcare
Co-Pay Network Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Preventive Care, Co-Pays For Most Small Expenses, AND Healthcare Cost Sharing For Large Expenses
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
DPC - Direct Primary Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Supplementing Direct Primary Care With Wellness Services AND Medical Cost Sharing Plan For Large Expenses And Mammograms, Colonoscopies, and Childhood Immunizations
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Healthcare
Provider-Directed Program Combining Wellness Services, Redirect Health for Preventive Care And Most Small Expenses, Medical and Healthcare Cost Sharing For Large Medical Expenses
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