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Provider-Directed Self-Funded Plan Overview

This is a plan for those who want to purchase the Provider-Directed (Redirect Health) Plan on a stand-alone basis to reduce their monthly costs and are willing to self-fund their exposure to large medical costs.

Redirect Health's EverydayCARE program is a virtual health program using a 24 hour health concierge (the Care Logistics Team which is staffed by medical professionals). Members call the 24/7/365 Care Logistics Team to access care; telephone support is provided in English and Spanish. Service is provided nation-wide.

The EverydayCARE program is ACA-compliant, provides personalized proactive care management and has a $0 deductible and $0 co-pays for all ACA-mandated preventive care (adult and child), including immunizations and listed medications; primary care office visits; chiropractic office visits; and covered labs through LabCorp.

There is NO pre-existing condition requirement for Redirect Health's services. Covered services can cover treatment through naturopathic physicians; naturopaths are included on the Care Logistics teams. The program also includes an RX discount program that offers significant drug savings.

Redirect Health has negotiated significant discounts for other services (for example, they've researched and gained access to asthma inhalers that are significantly lower in cost than members can purchase otherwise). and their Care Logistics Team also locates available public and private programs (one example is pharmaceutical assistance programs) that are not provided with the $0 deductible and no co pay requirement. Accessing these programs helps members find and utilize various assistance based on the client's needs, financial status and laws within their given state. Redirect Health will assist clients in getting care, gaining a fair price for care and helping find or leverage programs to assist in payment of care if and when such care meets assistance program requirements. This can also help reduce your exposure to incurring large medical expenses.

Redirect Health services are open access (there is no network) but the member must first call the Care Logistics Team (health concierge) to access services (between 75 and 80% of all calls are resolved through these phone calls and no further access to services is required in these situations). This is because Redirect Health has very sophisticated care management services directed by healthcare professionals. If access to other services is required, the Care Logistics Team schedules the appointment and helps with care management. For example, if someone needs to go a hospital and has called the Care Logistics Team, that team will usually be in touch with the hospital before the patient even arrives and will have provided a significant amount of information about that person's history and health condition in advance of the patient's arrival.

This You Tube video presents an excellent explanation of how the Redirect Health program works as well as its benefits (please see this brochure for details, as well):

The Medical Cost Sharing Program (the CONTAIN portion of the healthy care strategy) is not included as part of this plan. However, the AVOID, PREVENT, MANAGE, and MITIGATE portions of the strategy ARE included.

This plan does NOT permit you to establish a Health Savings Account (HSA) but you CAN create a patented, proprietary Health Matching Account™ (HMA) provided through National Prosperity (see.www.nationalprosperity.com) and download a brochure here). Call us at 877-734-3884 to learn how this type of account might benefit you.

This plan can be purchased with Add-On Products and/or the Health (Hospital-Surgical) Indemnity Defined Benefits plan.

We encourage you to contact and utilize the Care Logistics Team, even for services that are not covered by the Plan, because they should be able to refer you to reduced cost services for items that otherwise would not be shareable under Medical Cost Sharing.

However, My Academy of Health Excellence Member and Concierge Services is available to help you research doctors, facilities and hospitals, as well, if you need access to care not provided through Redirect Health. They’ll assist you in selecting fair-priced, quality services and can also assist you in finding sources for brand-name medications and high-priced generic medications (the Care Logistics team will help you with other generic medications).



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