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Self Funding Options

We offer three self-funded options to those who want to keep their monthly contributions as low as possible and who desire to manage costs for large medical expenses on their own:

Click on the links above to learn more about each of these plans as well as their costs. Costs depend on size of the membership unit and are not based on sex, age, geography or smoking status. There are no pre-existing condition limitations with any of these plans.

Those who join one of these plans must be members of the MPowering Benefits Association and pay a $25 enrollment fee. Each of these plans provides all ACA-mandated preventive care benefits and other services to mitigate the cost of small and medium medical costs as outlined in the above pages.

Membership in the MPowering Benefits Association provides access to all the services and tools of My Academy of Health Excellence (the education and wellness components needed to help AVOID illness and incurring medical costs, as well as the features needed to help navigate the new world of healthcare.)

My Academy of Health Excellence Member and Concierge Services is available to help you on your way. They can help you research and find doctors, facilities and hospitals and to assist you in selecting “fair-priced" quality medical services. They can also help you find discounted prices for your medications through programs like Good Rx, World Meds, and Pharmacy Checker.

Only the Partially Self -Funded Plan permits you to establish a tax-advantaged health savings account (HSA) plan. However, with ANY of the three plans you CAN establish a patented, proprietary Health Matching Account™ (HMA) provided through Health Matching Account™ Services, Inc. to pay a large number of medical expenses not covered under your chosen plan (see.www.nationalprosperity.com) and download a brochure here). Call us at 877-734-3884 to learn how this type of account might make sense for you.

Any of these plans can be purchased with any of the Add-On plans or with a Health (Hospital-Surgical) Defined Benefit Indemnity Plan.

Note: These Three "Self-Funded” Plans Do NOT INCLUDE Medical Cost Sharing.

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