What Is Medical Cost Sharing?

Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing is a viable, affordable, non-insurance solution for addressing the high costs of healthcare. A community of like-minded, health conscious individuals voluntarily participate in sharing each other’s medical bills to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Virtual Health Care

All MPB.Health programs include MPB Care virtual health care provided through Cirrus MD. Cirrus MD. has recently been selected as the telemedicine provider for the Veteran’s Administration.

Features and Benefits:

Behavioral health providers are also included.

Unlike telemedicine which is a single call experience, a virtual healthcare physician has access to member medical records, and the record is ongoing for those dealing with chronic conditions.

An intuitive onboarding, detailed health questionnaire and introduction meeting with their virtual healthcare physician establishes a baseline and direction for your MPB Care journey.

Please watch these short videos to learn more about how Cirrus MD works and how it differs from other approaches to telemedicine and virtual care.

Cirrus MD Videos

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Prescription Cost Management

Prescription Cost Management

A better way to manage prescriptions

A clear view of the actual prices on your prescriptions. You get to know the true cost of your prescriptions and where to get them. You shouldn’t overpay for a prescription just because you didn’t know it was cheaper at a pharmacy two miles away.

QR Life Code And Personal Medical Records Vault

The Medical Records Vault provides you with secure emergency personal medical profiles and a 5-digit Life Code ID that allows you to have access and safely share your medical records, track health conditions and get better healthcare solutions. The result is fewer medical errors, earlier treatment, and lower costs.

Product Features

Distribute Unique LifeCodes
Distribute Unique LifeCodes
Members get Life Codes on ID cards, labels, customized products and cellphone home screen
Maintain Medical Profile & Records
Maintain Medical Profile & Records
Create emergency profile, upload & import medical records securely stored and member controlled
Track Health Observations
Track Health Observations
Family and caregivers can easily record vital confidential health observations.
24/7 Urgent Care Assistance
24/7 Urgent Care Assistance
Call toll-free or access online for EMS triage or assistance with diagnosis, treatment, preventive or predictive care

Concierge Care Team

Personalized Concierge Services

The Care Concierge Team’s job actually begins once you become a member. Their focus is holding your hand every step of the way through your healthcare journey. No question is too small or too large. They will work on finding the best possible outcome at the lowest possible price for every healthcare need you have. Their goal is to provide a level of customer service equal to or better than members of costly Concierge Medical Programs receive.

Care Concierge Team personnel conduct welcome calls for all newly enrolled members. The purpose is to ensure members understand how their program works and to help them enroll for various plan components, e.g. virtual care through Cirrus M.D., the Member Assistance Program through Mazzitti and Sullivan, and the QR Life Code and Personal Records Vault.

If a member needs help finding an in-person provider or to find lowest cost, highest quality medical services, s/he should contact the Care Concierge Team. The Care Concierge Team uses tools like the proprietary Healthcare BlueBook to help members find providers and low cost, high quality services. The Team is available from 9 AM to 8 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Membership Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program is in addition to the Cirrus MD program and provides up to 12 free sessions per year for the services outlined in the video and text below. Each set of four sessions must be separated by a two month period; special provisions apply for California.

Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP

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Focuses on eliminating many things that compromise productivity or quality of life. Includes substance abuse, ongoing depression or anxiety, financial concerns, relationship problems and more.

Members can exercise a wide range of options when it comes to partaking in the Member Assistance Program. From in-person or video-based counseling sessions to free and paid online resources and courses, the Member Assistance Program is designed for consumption using platforms and methods that can accommodate member preferences and personal schedules. Members who value in-person therapy are encouraged to take advantage of MPB.Health-sponsored sessions; conversely, members who would prefer to use substance abuse response materials can also do so from their own homes. An increase in our member's productivity inevitably follows.

No matter how you use the Member Assistance Program, the intended goals are the same: replace stress and anxiety with peace of mind, while helping cope with and overcome any number of difficult situations. The result is a group of educated, focused members eager to perform for their collective well-being.

Covered Services:

See this flyer for additional information.

Well-being Platform

We engage individuals within the four interconnected domains of well-being.

Physical Well-being

We tackle specific issues that are sapping your productivity and spiking your healthcare costs.

Emotional Well-being

From job and life satisfaction to managing stress, we help individuals with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Social Well-being

We help you shape a culture of trustworthiness. We make connections and strengthen relationships.

Financial Well-being

85% of people are stressed about finances. Our robust and unique curriculum increases financial confidence.


The first critical step is taking that first step. We can help change lives and the bottom line of your healthcare costs, one day and one step at a time!

Health Discounts Through Whole Health Living Choices

Whole Health Living Choices provides discounts for lifestyle products and services listed at the bottom of this section. In addition, they also provide discounts for various complementary and alternative medicine services as described below. Whole Health Living discounts are included in all three of the medical cost sharing programs offered through MPB.Health.

Eligible members will have access to practitioners, lifestyle products and other resources that are not covered by traditional benefit or insurance programs. Our online portal is easy to access, connecting members to a discounted network of participating and approved alternative medicine practitioners, lifestyle products and other products. No pre-authorizations are needed, there are no claims to file and members will receive discounts directly to their email. Some of the reasons members will enjoy these programs are:

  1. Guaranteed Savings: Americans are spending 30 billion dollars every year in out of pocket costs on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies.
  2. Popularity: 59 million Americans currently use CAM care or treatment and 57% of Americans are likely to visit a chiropractor if they have neck and back pain.
  3. Easy Access: Our web portal allows members to print their discount coupons directly without having to wait for an authorization or benefit approval.

Provides fitness, nutrition, and social connection solutions in two segments, Healthcare and Nutrition. Services range from simple discounted access to an established high-quality national network of providers to fully accredited utilization management programs. The network of providers includes chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, naturopathic physicians and more.

In addition to CAM therapies, following are some of the discounts that can be obtained through Whole Health Living Choices. (Please see this flyer for additional information.):

In addition to CAM therapies, following are some of the discounts that can be obtained through Tivity:

Tivity Discounts